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Boost your rankings
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Boost your Rankings

Achieving your search engine optimization goals doesn't happen overnight. Increasing your search engine ranking requires a well-thought-out strategy. However, you can fast-track your SEO goals and boost your results faster. Here are a few key areas you should focus on when it comes to improving your site's placement on search engines like Google.

Increase CTR

The first step in achieving your SEO goals is to increase your click-through rate. That said, what is CTR? It's the ratio in which people click on links to your site. Most people associate CTR with search engines, but it actually involves any link that people click on.

Producing high-quality content that people want to read and paying for ad space on search engines are good ways to increase your CTR. However, there are easier ways to give it a boost. For example, a pay-per-visit service can increase traffic to your website by using links and keywords that you specify.

Reduce Bounce Rate

The bounce rate of your website can keep its rankings on search engine results pages from rising. This metric is the percentage of people who visit your site and leave without viewing other pages. A low bounce rate means that visitors stick around your website. Search engines view this as a positive statistic, so they rank your site higher in search results.

One easy way to reduce your website's bounce rate is to make it load faster. People tend to lose patience very quickly on the internet. If your site takes too long to load, they'll leave before they can interact with the pages, effectively increasing your bounce rate. Generally, you want the pages to load in a few seconds. You can achieve that by reducing image sizes and enabling browser caching. Both of these steps can take seconds off how fast your website loads.

Increase Website Conversion Rate

In order to improve SEO on your site, you have to understand how to increase its conversion rate. This metric is yet another factor that search engines take into account when listing results. It's the percentage of people who take a desired action when they visit your website.

For example, if you run an online store, the conversion rate is the number of people who buy goods from you. However, it doesn't just refer to sales. It consists of any action that you want visitors to take on your site. Let's say that you have a website dedicated to getting people to download free software. Your conversion rate will be based on the number of people who visit and download the software.

Strengthening the call to action and removing distractions on your website can increase the conversion rate. A good conversion rate is around 2% to 3%. Unfortunately, many websites have a rate of around 0.01%, which only equates to one desired action taken per 1,000 visitors.

Improve Local SEO

Lastly, achieving your goals is often easier when you improve local SEO. This refers to targeting people in a specific area, such as a city or state. If you offer a service or goods to people in one area, then getting visitors from people outside of that area doesn't help you much. In fact, it will likely decrease your conversion and bounce rates.

Using geotargeted keywords, such as the name of the area that you're targeting, can help. Also, special services can increase traffic to your website from any place in the world that you specify. These methods can improve your local search engine results page rankings.

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