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SEO Factors
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Many factors exist in SEO. As Google becomes smarter and more sophisticated, SEO factors continue to evolve. Website owners need to stay informed on the reigning ranking factors at any given time if they want to boost their rankings.

However, even with the never-ending changes in individual ranking factors, there’s one thing that remains constant, and that is Google’s main goal - to provide the user with the most relevant and useful results for their search. This means that any of your search engine optimization factors that work to serve the user are ultimately going to be rewarded.

SEO Factors

List of the main SEO factors

While there are over 200 ranking factors, only a handful have remained unchanged over the years:

  • SERP CTR - Your search engine results page click-through rate is one of the most important ranking factors. Increase your SERP CTR and your rankings will be through the roof.
  • Brand Signals - This shows Google and other search engines that you’re a credible brand. A stronger brand gets higher rankings, it’s as simple as that.
  • Secure, Accessible Website - Everyone knows the most successful websites are those that are well optimized. Having a secure and accessible site will net you a lot more traffic from the search engines.
  • Dwell Time - The longer you can keep people on your website, the better for your search engine optimization. It’s important to have great content on your site that will make visitors want to stay longer.
  • Website Speed - This is where a lot of website owners drop the ball. The speed of your website is important and determines how well your site will be ranked in the search engines.
  • Links - Your inbound, outbound, and internal links also play a major role in where your site gets ranked in the search engine results pages. G oogle uses these to determine just how authoritative your website is.

These are all important ranking factors, but SERP CTR is one of the most important of all. If you want to experience a massive increase in traffic, as well as more leads and sales, then it’s time to ditch all the ineffective SEO tactics and stick to the one SEO factor that will bring you the best results. Try Google SERP Bot right now to boost your CTR and various other SEO factors.

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