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Organic Traffic Providers
by SERP Empire

SERP Empire gets the SEO ball rolling.
We send traffic to your page, through the search results for your keywords.

Websites can make or break the chances of success for most businesses. After all, we live in a digital world. In order to compete with millions of other websites, you have to increase your rankings on search engines, such as Google. You need your website to appear as high as possible on search engine results pages (SERPs). The higher up that it ranks, the more traffic that you're likely to get.

Organic Traffic Providers

However, how do you organically increase traffic to your website to improve your SERP? Often times, website owners believe that simply adding keywords to a website is enough. While keywords are important, it's only a small part of the algorithm that search engines, such as Google, use to rank webpages. In fact, each SERP is unique to each person who uses a search engine. The reason is that search engines take into account other factors, including the user's:

  • Physical location.
  • Browsing history.
  • Searched terms.
  • Social settings.

Because of these factors, even SERPs that might look identical often contain subtle differences. Of course, there's one surefire way to drive your presence on SERPs: Drive organic traffic to your website. Fortunately, we offer services that do that.

SERP Empire

With a name like SERP Empire, we know a thing or two about SERPs. Unlike some other services that increase the click-through rate for your website, we strive to streamline the whole experience. Those other services use credits, and then you determine which activities to spend them on. Instead, we provide packages that take the guesswork out of what's best for your website.

How does our service work? Basically, we drive organic traffic to your website by using your specified keywords to search for your site on search engines. After we find your website in the results, we click on the link to bring in real traffic. However, that's not the only thing that makes us stand out from the other services.

Custom Campaigns

When you sign up with us, you can create custom campaigns to indicate the behavior of the traffic that we drive to your website. For example, you can focus on the number of pages viewed per hit or the bounce rate.


Do you want to drive visits from a specific region* or country? We can do that with our geotargeting services. Using residential proxies, we can drive traffic to your website from anywhere in the world.

Reliable 24/7 Support

When you have questions, you want answers. We pride ourselves on providing round-the-clock support. This means that we're here to answer your questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In the end, our attention to detail separates us from other traffic generator tools. We'll find your website regardless of which page that it turns up on in the search results. Best of all, the entire process is automated. Once you set up your campaign, it will continue to work 24/7 without you having to do anything on your side.

Of course, we don't just want you to take our word for it. At SERP Empire, we offer a 15-day free trial so that you can try our program for yourself!


Much like our business, SerpClix says that it can improve your organic search engine rankings. It pays human clickers to fulfill clicks on your site. Unlike our services that use a bot to fulfill clicks, humans costs more money. As a result, this service can be more expensive compared to all of the activities that our packages include.

In fact, it doesn't offer all-inclusive packages like we do. Instead, you have to buy credits and choose how to spend those credits to increase traffic to your website. For example, a starter pack of credits costs you almost $100 and gives you 3,000 credits. Then, you have to split up these credits depending on how many clicks that you want on a specific site.

Likewise, this service has a very strict no proxy policy. This means that it doesn't allow human clickers to use proxy servers. Why is this bad for you? It means that its human clickers must work in a specific city or country in order to provide clicks for that location. If you're looking for geotargeting, there's a chance that it might not be able to provide the clicks that you need for a specific area because it doesn't have anyone working there.

Also, this service can't promise that it has people working around the clock for you. It doesn't actually hire clickers. Rather, it pays people to click when they want to. If no one is working, there's no one to click on your site. This results in sporadic traffic to your website that does very little to boost your SERP. Check our full comparison SerpClix vs SERP Empire here!


Similar to SerpClix, Crowdsearch uses a credit system. The biggest drawback about this service, though, is how convoluted the entire process is. Determining the best way to spend your credits is hard when the cost breakdown is confusing.

For instance, it gives you about 6,500 credits for about $100. However, it breaks down its services into specific searches, which all have different credit costs. Do you want a non-video search? That's one credit per minute. If you want a video search, the cost goes up to two credits per minute. What about geotargeting? To get clicks from a specific state, it will cost you 15 credits a minute. For a specific city, however, it jumps up to 30 credits per minute.

Crowdsearch offers social media services, but it's set up on a credit system as well. For example, you can use this service to have it retweet a post on Twitter or share a post on Facebook. However, both of these activities cost 30 credits each.

That's just the tip of the iceberg. The company has other services that eat into your stash of credits. Furthermore, it takes a much more hands-on approach for you than the services that we provide. We aim to make the whole process automatic so that you can set up your campaign and let us bring traffic to you without worrying about doing anything on your end. Check our full comparison Crowdsearch vs SERP Empire here! has recently entered the market, and we at SERP Empire decided to evaluate their services to potentially integrate any innovative eatures they might offer. Unfortunately, our experience was underwhelming. Despite their claims, the quality of traffic provided by was notably poor. They employ an unmodified version of selenium for sending clicks, which is easily detectable. Additionally, their use of a low-cost proxy provider that mixes residential IPs with data center IPs raises concerns.

While their traffic may currently show up in Google Search Console (GSC), we advise against using their services (or even their trial), as it could potentially harm your SEO in the short term. Check our full comparison vs SERP Empire here!

SEO Rank Hunter

SEO Rank Hunter emerged in 2021, but their website remains incomplete and the functionality of their tool is inconsistent—some countries report receiving no organic traffic at all. Given these issues, we opted not to evaluate their tool extensively, hence you won't find any detailed comparisons here.

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