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Comparison: SERPClix vs SERP Empire
by SERP Empire

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When you're looking for a way to increase the click-through rate of your website for certain keywords, organic traffic generators are a good choice. With so many to choose from, though, how do you decide which one is best for your website? The key is to pay close attention to the price and success rate of the service.

Two examples of traffic generators that can increase the click-through rate of your website are SERP Empire and SERPClix. At first glance, it seems like these two generators are similar. Upon further review, you can see that one is clearly better than the other.

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Firstly, it's important to understand how this service increases visits to your website. It uses real people to search for keywords of your choosing on search engines, such as Google. Then, the searchers find your website and click on it. This method of increasing clicks to a website is similar to other organic traffic generator services.

Paying Too Much for Clicks

However, it's essential to note that this service is expensive. One of the key reasons is that it uses actual people to search for your website. As a result, those people have to be paid every time they click on your link.

Since you're the one paying for the clicks, part of your bill goes toward paying those individuals. In the end, you pay more for fewer clicks, which makes the service seem more like a scam.

No Proxy Servers Means Less Geotargeting

Another problem with this service is that it doesn't allow the human clickers to use proxies or virtual private networks. As a result, it's hard to use this service for geotargeting campaigns because only real people from those locations can fulfill the request.

Think about how hard that makes it to increase traffic from a small town or country. Unless this service has hired real people who live there, it can't help you with that specific geotargeting.

The Chance for Error Is High

Along with the above disadvantages, using human clickers increases the chances of errors. It's not uncommon for them to click on the wrong website or not completely fulfill a task they're given.

For example, let's say that you pay for clicks on your website for a specific keyword. Instead of clicking on your website, though, the searchers accidentally click on the wrong links. This mistake not only doesn't help your website but also boosts traffic for competitor websites. Essentially, you just paid for clicks for your competition.

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SERP Empire

Our service doesn't use real people to click on your website from search engines. Instead, we use traffic bots that are able to quickly and efficiently complete the campaign tasks that you create. Since they're bots, the cost is significantly less than that of other services.

Geotargeting Made Easy

Also, using bots means that we can generate traffic from anywhere in the world. Do you need a campaign for your website that focuses on geotargeting? Our bots use a proxy server to click on a website from any region* or country from which you want to increase traffic.

Our Bots Work Around the Clock for You

Another benefit of using bots over real people is that they continue to work for you around the clock. When a service uses real people as clickers, they can only provide traffic when clickers are available.

This isn't the case with traffic bots. They can provide traffic to your website during the day and late at night. As a result, we can deliver a steady stream of traffic instead of large spikes of visitors all at once, which looks less fishy to search engine algorithms.

Support When You Need It

Of course, it's important to note that just because we use bots for traffic doesn't mean that we don't have live support. In fact, our support staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No matter when you have a question, you can count on us to be there to answer it.

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